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miMeetings transforms the way your organization manages ground transportation for meetings and events.

Our process starts with your meetings technology platform to configure ground transportation into your existing meetings management program. Gain visibility and control with this specialized solution to improve processes and save time and money.

How it works:

Integrated Meeting Process

Works with your current technology platform configured meeting request form.

Automated e-RFP, miMeetings expert assigned

Sourcing & Vendor Selection

Qualify & select local vendors from miMeetings marketplace.

Negotiate most competitive meeting prices on your behalf.

Patented Flight Validation

Works with FAA real-time flight data to eliminate errors and avoid no-shows.

Patented Manifest Grouping

Multiple grouping scenarios with attendees & flights.

Optimal grouping eliminates unnecessary vehicles resulting in cost reduction & avoidance.

Real Time Visibility & Control

Receive pre-arrival/pre-departure notifications & receipts.

Instantly book or edit a ride to an existing manifest in seconds.

Track flight status and provide real- time passenger updates.

Post-Event Accounting & Reporting

Receive audited invoices, meeting summary & reporting, data aggregation of ground spend across multiple events.

Payment processing.


  • Works with Cvent technology platform.
  • Compare multiple vendor bids and negotiate pricing.
  • Patented technology eliminates error with FAA real time manifest integration.
  • Save time, on average, up to 20 hours per meeting.
  • Cost Savings up to 30%.

Spend management for event ground transportation is within reach and MiMeetings can help.

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