Whether for pleasure or business, visitors to Budapest have a wide menu of activities to choose from. Steeped in history, it draws people from all over the world to immerse themselves in the grandeur of its skyline filled with Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. While budding photographers and professionals alike will enjoy catching the glint of the ancient Roman ruins during the day, there are even better photo ops at night as the entire city, including the Buda Castle Hill (pictured above) and St. Stephen’s Basilica, is illuminated in a soft, warm glow.

With over 100 natural hot springs dotted all over the city, Budapest is also known as the ‘City of Healing Waters’. The Romans once used these mineral baths as enclaves for healing. Now they are used as places of respite for locals and tourists and allow for relaxation in peaceful surroundings. Imagine stepping into a warm pool after a day of touring the sights or after spending your day in business meetings and events. It is easy to visit the best two thermal spas in the city – Szechenyi Bath (pictured above) and Csillaghegyare Bath – as both are conveniently located downtown.

Thermal baths are just one of several ways for visitors to enjoy the waters of Budapest. The river Danube is an excellent place to see the city’s top sights and even better from the deck of a pleasure boat. Enjoy a gourmet dinner while following the iconic river’s course past the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and under the city’s six lighted bridges – the Chain Bridge (pictured above) is the most photographic as it spans across the river connecting Buda with Pest. The brightly lit Castle Hill and the Parliament Building all twinkle at night above the river banks.

For a closer look at downtown, there are guided walks that serve as a crash course on the city’s history. In just two hours, you can learn about the city’s impressive architecture and history, wander through beautiful gardens and even find out where the best Irish pubs are located. These walks are an inexpensive way to work off the delicious Hungarian meals while immersing yourself in Budapest’s culture.

So whether traveling for business or for leisure, you will find that Budapest has plenty of sights to see and just as many ways of seeing them. Have you been to Budapest? Let us know and record your visit/ratings!

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